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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the GoGro app?

Click here for the GoGro app or here for Shoppers Value and Supervalu apps

What do I do with Green Coins?

Green Coins represent extra entries into frequent giveaways that we offer on the GoGro app. Giveaways can be local store sponsored prizes or sometimes items directly through GoGro. Each coin is an extra entry into EVERY giveaway that is eligible in your area. If you have 1,000 green coins, that means you have 1,000 chances to win every time we hold a giveaway. Your Green Coins reset to zero if you win a prize.

I used a scratch card and it said that I won! What now?

Congrat, you won Green Coins! Every Green Coin is an extra entry into our weekly store sponsored giveaways. Your coins will continue to build up until you win a Giveaway and then they will reset to zero.

I can't see my store's weekly ad on GoGro.

First - verify that GoGro is looking in the correct area. If your store's logo isn't at the top of the GoGro screen, click the SETTINGS tab and CHANGE MY LOCATION button beside the current store name to enter a new zip code. Still can't find it? Message us at

I can't check in. What's wrong?

If you receive any sort of error related to "location services not available" then you have refused access to your phone's location. Check your phone's location services settings to allow GoGro access. Also, most stores only allow check-ins once per day. Finally, if you are not near the store (within the parking lot or store itself) GoGro will not allow you to check in. Have other issues around check-ins? Contact us at

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